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Chat Your Way to Higher Sales Conversion

Engaging a customer to visit your online store is one thing; converting them to purchase is another. Reports show that Australians have a high tendency to abandon online shopping carts.

By Tink Taylor | 16 Mar 2020
Key CX Strategies Leading the Way in Brand Success

CX is a trend that will only get more sophisticated for online retail. Tink Taylor provides essential insights into the key CX strategies leading the way in brand success.

By Tink Taylor | 15 Feb 2020
Amplifying a Marketing Strategy with Social Media and Email

Social media and email are usually seen as two separate standalone strategies targeted at different results

By Tink Taylor | 04 Oct 2019
Three Key Ways to Maximise Your Revenue with Data-Driven Marketing

With the widespread of marketing platforms and social media apps, it is no secret that the e-commerce world has gone through a major paradigm shift in recent years.

By Tink Taylor | 09 Sep 2019
Investing in Cross-Border Commerce is Key for Retailers

Tink Taylor of dotdigital explains why Aussie retailers should invest in cross-border commerce, and why it's key for success.

By Tink Taylor | 30 Jul 2019
Why Australian Retailers are Leading the Way in CX

Tink Taylor of dotdigital explains the ways Australian retailers are paving the way in CX, and which brands are leaders of the pack.

By Tink Taylor | 05 Jun 2019
Why Customer Experience Optimisation is Key in the Digital Era

Tink Taylor of dotdigital explains what retailers need to do to not only survive but also thrive in this crowded market, and why CX is key.

By Tink Taylor | 07 May 2019