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Britain's The Hut Group Buys Aussie Beauty Pureplay

Australian and New Zealand online beauty retailer has been acquired by one of the UK’s largest health and beauty e-commerce businesses, The Hut Group.

Ry Launches Curated MUA Shop

Australian online beauty retailer RY has today launched MUA Shop – a curated range to create a more customer focused offering, which the company says is all about making online shopping easier and more inspiring.

What is Your Idea of Exceptional Customer Service?

Practising great customer service to differentiate your brand is a smart and strategic move. It doesn’t just build customer loyalty, it can give you price flexibility and it’s something that is really hard to copy...

How Our Online Retailers Foster Gender Equality

In the spirit of International Women’s Day today, I thought we’d bring you some of the measures that a few of our online retailers are undertaking at their workplaces that is helping to bridge the...

RY Reaping Benefits of AfterPay

Six months ago new payments service AfterPay made its debut, and befitting an April Fools' Day announcement, it sounded far too good to be true: an online payments platform that allowed customers to defer payment...

By Rory Betteridge | 30 Sep 2015
PayPal Launches Free Return Shipping

PayPal has just launched a new service offering a big boost to online shoppers deterred by the costly price of returns.

By Grant Arnott | 26 Mar 2015
Kitchenware Superstore Sold for Undisclosed Amount

The management team of Kitchenware Superstore announce the company's sale as they turn their efforts towards growing beauty retailer, RY.

A Challenge to All Online Retailers: Where's the Profit?

In the immature, tech-focused industry that is online retail, it almost seems like everyone is missing the key objective: profit.

By James Patten | 06 Nov 2013