FCUK Connects to YouTube: The World’s First YouTique

UK fashion brand, French Connection, joins forces with YouTube, introducing the world to its first ever ‘YouTique’.

French Connection UK is bringing new meaning to the term ‘multichannel retailer’ with the recent launch of its YouTube Channel, designed as a “YouTique” – a YouTube boutique.

The YouTube channel, which looks and functions in a such a way that users can be forgiven for thinking they are on the brand’s own website, was created by London-based digital agency Poke. “As a combined client/agency team, we worked alongside YouTube to become the first brand in Europe to use out-linking annotations in video,” Poke states on its site, “providing contextual links to purchase product from the frenchconnection.com website without interrupting the user experience.”

Poke also says that the YouTique is a “new direct sales channel for French Connection, easily accessible through natural and paid search.  Or is it branded content? A non-linear product browsing experience?…It’s all of these things, wrapped up in a giant ball of fashion love.”

What sets is apart from other retailers with YouTube channels, is the way in which French Connection has utilised the standard YouTube pop-up buttons, allowing viewers to purchase goods in just a few clicks.  Apparently, the retailer has an agreement with YouTube to allow particular buttons to lead directly to its site, rather than to other YouTube videos.

For example, the channel features a number of “Show Me How To….” instructional videos.  Viewers are able to watch these videos, drag the mouse over desired items featured in the video as it’s playing, and click to be taken directly to the shopping basket and product details page of the French Connection site.  Even French Connection YouTique presenter Louise Roe’s threads can be clicked on and purchased.

The great thing about the brand’s YouTique is its frictionless purchasing system, which effortlessly takes users from the YouTube Channel to FCUK’s fully functional e-commerce site – and in less clicks than required by many regular online stores.  The YouTique content is relevant, up-to-date and attention grabbing.   The best bit is that consumers don’t even have to wait for the video to finish in order to buy, nor do they have to open up another browser, look for the brand’s website and then search for the desired product.

FCUK for Frictionless Connection of User Knowledge.


2 thoughts on “FCUK Connects to YouTube: The World’s First YouTique”

  1. Cara T says:

    I think the great thing for retailers with sites and concepts like this is that consumers won’t even realise they are shopping and it definitely promotes the impulse buy. I can imagine someone thinking along the lines of “Hmmm how should I wear this? I know, I will go to such and such a site/YouTique, look it up….ooh those earrings look great with the outfit, so do the shoes….I may as well get them since I’m already here…”

    1. Matt says:

      If people don’t know they’re watching a retailers video then the comunication might seem misleading, which has a bad effect on the brand. But; if all branded videos placed a logo or icon somewhere in the video start then Ofcom (in the UK) [and viewers] might find it less misleading whilst brands gained far higher recognition for their online videos.

      An example of this might be M&S

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