Casper Opens First Store, Involving Curated Experiences

Mattress pureplay Casper has opened its first physical store that offers curated experiences and special events to help its customers get a good night’s sleep.

On Tuesday Casper unveiled its first physical store in downtown New York which will feature six miniature home installations, that will allow its customers to feel and experience its mattresses and learn more about its products. Shoppers can buy and take home their purchase, or have them delivered. The store will also have a “health and wellness” theme, according to the company.

While one may not think that selling mattresses could get a cult-like following, think again. Since launching in 2013, Casper has revolutionised the way in which mattresses are purchased thanks to its unique approach to selling mattresses online.

Traditionally, buying a mattress has been a sensory shopping experience, where the customer goes in-store, tests out and lies on a series of mattresses and listens to a salesperson harp on about the different features of each.

Casper, however, has taken a different approach. The company has successfully operated online so far largely in favour of its one-mattress-fits-most offering, complemented by its long try-out period, free returns and also by its clever use of content and storytelling to bring greater depth to its e-commerce experience.

The company is now upping the ante on its customer experience with the launch of its new showroom with the aim of further helping its customers get a good night’s sleep.

“After four years of tirelessly studying and improving upon the sleep-shopping experience, Casper is reimagining how we shop for sleep,” the company said in a press release.

Casper Opens First Store, One That Involves Curated Experiences e-commerce mattress

The direct-to-consumer retailer, which has previously sold online and via US Target stores, joins a growing list of online retailers who are investing in brick-and-mortar stores to build brand awareness and give its customers the opportunity to inspect and experience its products. Once pureplay-only retailers, brands like Warby Parker, Birch Box, Bonobos and Mon Purse have all established a standalone physical presence in the last year.

Casper says it will see how things go with this store, and from that may begin opening up further stores in new locations, including Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco to name a few. Casper’s store opening comes in the midst of a series of store closures. The retailer’s many points of differences is clearly helping it score points it in the retail game.

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