PayPal Launches Tap And Go Reader

By Rory Betteridge | 03 Mar 2015

PayPal Australia announced the launch of its next-model PayPal Here Chip/PIN card reader today, now compatible with Tap and Go.

PayPal claims the Here app turns a smartphone into ‘a complete payments solution’, and that the new Tap and Go card reader will let businesses accept card payments faster than before, enabling them to accept contactless card payments.

“In response to a changing retail landscape, the new card reader has been engineered specifically for Australian small businesses, service providers and casual sellers who need to accept card payments on-the-go,” reads the press release. “PayPal Here is also suitable for in-store retailers looking to diversify their payments offering and provides an innovative, pay-as-you-go solution for taking payments.”

Demand for NFC payment methods has been strong in Australia, claims PayPal Australia Director of Small Business Emma Hunt.

“There is an expectation of choice from Australian consumers who are looking for the flexibility to pay via whatever method they choose, and we’re increasingly seeing that customers are looking for the convenience offered by contactless payment,” said Hunt in a press release. “We need to ensure we arm businesses with the technology and resources needed to adapt to the ever-changing payments landscape.

“Our new payments solution will allow businesses to take advantage of the popularity of contactless payments here in Australia, as well as continue to take secure Chip and PIN payments on-the-go.”

The new card reader works the same way as the old; after pairing the device with a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), the reader is ready to accept secure payments using the PayPal Here app. The service does not attract subscription fees, with businesses only paying the once-off cost of the card reader, and then a percentage of each transaction processed.

“The current PayPal Here card reader has proven to be really popular, with tens of thousands of Australian businesses accepting payments from market stalls, ute trays and garages across the country,” Hunt commented on take-up of the existing reader. “The smartphone has well and truly become the mission control device for running a small business and the new iteration of the PayPal Here device provides businesses with another way for consumers and businesses to pay and get paid.”

PayPal claims the new reader will be available later in 2015.

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